Chethan G Puttaswamy

Founder & CEO programs
Chethan brings a decade and a half years of experience in the IT world and is a passionate professional in Technology Engineering. He has a vast amount of experience and exposure in different domains like Web Application Engineering, Embedded Application Engineering, Automotive, Medical, Robotics, Banking, e-commerce etc. SofTronicLabs is the brainchild of Chethan who keeps the vision to provide world-class engineering services to digitize business operations. He believes that business today needs to have more intuition to be successful than ever before and to solve this problem keeping track of every data point which may be relevant or non-relevant to the business becomes extremely important. He believes that the human brain which is an engineering marvel can also be pushed to limits to en-cash the fullest potential it has in monitoring all the data points, but it becomes extremely difficult when the business data points become more than gigabytes. As scientists are working very hard to witness groundbreaking inventions in AI technology, AI's are coming very close to mimicking human behavior. And as the day progresses they are becoming more intuitive and much better than humans. This is what brings great and unseen opportunities to business owners. Chethan keeps a vision to bridge this gap between advanced technology and business operations with SofTronicLabs.

Tejashree S Sankangoudar

Former CFO, SofTronicLabs
Tejashree holding an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication is a young enthusiast, keeping a passion for business development and social engagement. She is a highly enthusiastic professional who believes in social engagement and creative marketing for the success of the business. She feels that along with doing the actual technical work it is very important to connect to the right audiences to make every drop of progress count. Being an active player in organizing and managing events during her university journey, she has gained a keen understanding of keeping the team highly motivated during a rough time. She understands the importance of teamwork and encourages the practice of the same. She believes that organizations can only win together and never individually. At SofTronicLabs she promotes the practice of healthy competition and creativity in solving problems. She also plays an instrumental role in financial management and future investments at SofTronicLabs. Being a true believer in teamwork, she also holds the key portfolio of managing human resources at SofTronicLabs.