About Us

SofTronicLabs(SofTronicLabs Technology Services Pvt Ltd.) was founded in the year 2017 by two Indian engineers, Chethan G Puttaswamy and Tejashree S Sankangoudar. SofTronicLabs is an engineering Services company that operates in the Software and Hardware development space. It provides a wide range of Information Technology related services which include Software Development, Maintenance, Independent Validation Services. Cloud Services and Technology Consulting.The company services its customer right from product conceptualization to product implementation.

At SofTronicLabs we come to work every single day to solve the biggest problems in Huge Data computing. Whether a business is aware of data getting generated or they are ignorant, over a period every business is generating a huge amount of data. We solve the problem of maintaining and managing the data, giving in business insights from the gathered data. We help our customers to take informed decisions with their own valuable data.

SofTronicLabs envisions every business having greater control over every decision it makes with the help of tools and technology we provide.

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We are committed to customer satisfaction & quality of service

We comply to industrial regulations and standards for upholding customer's interests.