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Distribute your computing on Cloud with SofTronicLabs!

Discover elegant solution for your online business. Small, Affordable & Reliable.
Love & Passion for Engineering

We Engineer to let you free your time for all the other things you love in your life.

Technology Consulting

We provide consulting services in the Technology space for digitization.

IT Services

We have a vast experience in IT infrastructure management and Services.

continuous Support

Our dedicated team is constantly strives to provide continuous support for customers' success.


  • Chethan G Puttaswamy
    Founder & CEO, SofTronicLabs

    Chethan brings a decade and a half years of experience in the IT world and is a passionate professional in Technology Engineering. He has a vast amount of experience and exposure in different domains like Web Application Engineering, Embedded Application Engineering, Automotive, Medical, Robotics, Banking, e-commerce etc.Read More.

  • Tejashree Sankangoudar
    Former CFO, SofTronicLabs

    Tejashree holding an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication is a young enthusiast, keeping a passion for business development and social engagement. She is a highly enthusiastic professional how believes in social engagement and creative marketing for the success of the business. Read More.

Why SofTronicLabs?

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop

At SofTronicLabs we have a talent pool that has a great sense of understanding of technology, this enables us to understand the pulse of our clients for predictive solution design and development. We are highly proactive in advising the right solution to meet a win-win situation for every stakeholder achieving a business goal. We have an Industrial proven standard process of development for conceptualizing the end results at ultra-high speed. We believe in open-source technology and are also passionate about giving more than we take as knowledge. 

Offering feature-rich, professional product

Our offerings provide feature-rich and professional products as we anticipate every engineering aspect during the development process, though it may be functional, performance, or security requirements. We believe in modern test technologies for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery(CICD) of the product with high ROI on investment in testing services. We are true believers in the Agile methodology of the development process and are very agile to adapt ourselves to the changing world.

We love to learn and use the latest technologies

We understand that learning is the only tool that will equip every individual or organization to adapt themselves to a rapidly changing world. In the aspect of learning, we are self-motivated to learn new technologies and provide the latest technology solutions to our clients. We are focused on identifying advanced engineered solutions provided by open-source community and believe in saving the efforts of reinventing the wheel.

Web Application Design & Development

Design Engineering

Our talent pool loves to create the ultimate user experience with eye-catching designs.
Our aesthetic designs elevate your brand name.
100% Responsive design to cater to a different class of devices.
We help Brand your websites with unique designs.
We help customers to redesign their websites to attract potential customers.
Our aim is to create highly appealing and creative work to create business value.

Development and solutions:

We connect your customers to you digitizing all your business operations.
We provide reliable and functional solutions to improve business growth.
We design, model, and test the software architecture for cost-effective functional solutions.